Lindsay Brewer

Lindsay Brewer



Instagram: @lindsaymariebrewer

Twitter: @lindsaymbrewer

DOB: April 17, 1997

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Team: Exclusive Autosport

Education: Bachelors in Business Management from San Diego State

Hobbies: Golf, snowboarding, tennis, travel, going to the beach

Favorite sports to watch: Formula 1, Scuderia

Favorite sports to play: Tennis

Training preferences: Data intensive, having a rabbit, not too early of mornings

Charities: Women’s Sports Foundation

Interesting note about me: I am known to bust out a performance on the piano every now and then

Ties to race cities: None – but I have raced in SBRS F4 and TC America at Mid-Ohio, Indianapolis infield and Road America

Bucket list items: Race one day in Monaco and in the Indy 500

Favorite food: Chick Fila Nuggets/Sushi

Guilty food pleasure: Chick Fila Fries

Best meal I can cook by myself: Spaghetti Marinara with extra garlic

Racing goal: The Triple Crown in racing, and if not... at least 2 of those three

Racing hero: Lewis Hamilton  


Career results:


  • Earned a podium in the SBRS F4 series and top 10 in TC America


  • Contested the Skip Barber F4 Series


  • Claimed a podium in Saleen S1 


  • College (Karting)


  • College (USF2000 Testing)


  • Legends Car Racing National Champion